Department Overview

Empowered by a uniquely important legacy, the Department of Architectural History, the longest running architectural history program in the nation, researches and teaches the craft of the architectural historian: abilities to search, document, understand, and interpret building sites, construction materials, architectural drawings, and texts, as well as intellectual frameworks that construct histories in relation to larger social and political objectives. Our World Heritage Lab combines scientific research in historic preservation taking place at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the University of Virginia and Monticello with intellectual understanding of the temporal and geographical connections embedded in the built environment. Together, we strive to bring knowledge and criticality to the writing of architectural history, highlighting the importance of architectural history in the formation of societies and cultures, insights into the structures of the long arches of historical developments, and critical engagements in contemporary urban, architectural, and landscape architectural practices.


B Arch History

4-year undergraduate program

M Arch History

2-year graduate program

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Through internship opportunities, both our undergraduate and graduate students enrich their academic education with hands-on experiences. A sample of recent internships that our students have completed include:

+ Newport Restoration Foundation

+ The Central Park Conservancy

+ The York (UK) Glaziers Trust

+ The National Building Museum

+ Monticello

+ The University Architect's Office

Undergraduate and graduate students in Architectural History have access to a wide range of global study options. The School of Architecture leads a number of global programs, both during the semester and over the summer, including programs to Vicenza, Venice, and China. The Department of Architectural History also regularly teaches a January term in Italy. Graduate students in Architectural History can choose to take a fall semester at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. UVA School of Architecture promotes and creates ongoing research and travel opportunities for our students. Learn more about these international study opportunities through the link below.

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