Shaping the Next Generation of Innovative Leaders

Consistent with the revolutionary legacy of the University of Virginia, the School of Architecture aims to educate the next generation of innovative leaders, thinkers, designers and makers who will not only engage the most difficult and complex challenges of our time, but also envision, design and build the most just, compelling, and courageous of futures. 

Research is essential to our practices. It is developed through design and speculation, through imagination and analysis, through critical thinking and hands-on making. Throughout all our programs, we build on our strengths as an inherently interdisciplinary community, working both within and across our four departments: Architecture, Architectural History, Landscape Architecture and Urban + Environmental Planning. As part of a leading research institution, the School of Architecture engages students and faculty across the university, in partnership with non-profits and other collaborators.

We understand architecture and design as the broadest possible expression of the built environment and seek to define its most significant forms of impact. Our graduates will interpret, preserve, curate, envision, and transform the future  of the built environment at every scale, from the detail to the city, from the object to the territory. Our graduates will foster meaningful change, through engaged curiosity, defined purpose and steadfast optimism.

Undergraduate Degrees

  • BArH
    • Bachelor of Architectural History
  • BSArch-PP
    • Bachelor of Science Architecture - Pre-Professional
  • BSArch-DT
    • Bachelor of Science Architecture - Design Thinking
  • BUEP
    • Bachelor of Urban + Environmental Planning
  • UG-M
    • Undergraduate Minors

Graduate Degrees

  • MArH
    • Master of Architectural History
  • MArch
    • Master of Architecture
  • MLA
    • Master of Landscape Architecture
  • MUEP
    • Master of Urban + Environmental Planning
  • PhD-CE
    • Doctorate in Philosophy in the Constructed Environment
  • PhD-AAH
    • Doctorate in Philosophy in Art + Architectural History
  • G+
    • Graduate Certificates in Historic Preservation, Real Estate Design and Development and Urban Design

Summer Programs

Design Discovery Youth Summer Program

Design Discovery is a 6-day summer program hosted by the UVA School of Architecture that invites high school students of all backgrounds to unlock their creativity through design thinking. Each session will demystify design and introduce it as an empowering way of seeing and working in the world.

Study Abroad Programs

The study and practice of architecture, design, planning, history and landscape architecture spans local to global scales and contexts. UVA School of Architecture believes that the future of its students will take them to all corners of the world, and therefore places values on providing varied and impactful international experiences for our students. These study abroad opportunities provide exposure to students in the areas of architecture, architectural history, urban and environmental planning, urban design, landscape architecture, and other design-related disciplines. 

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