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The Doctoral Program in the Constructed Environment at UVA School of Architecture recognizes that the decisions, histories, and processes — social, biological, and physiographic — that produce the constructed environment are neither static nor pre-given, but are dynamic and interconnected, and constitute situated adaptive systems.

To contend with the complex and evolving character of the constructed environment, the PhD in the Constructed Environment engages with these issues from technical, material, policy, and theoretical perspectives. We invite you to join us in questioning the constructed environment: what it is, how it functions, where it’s headed, and the ways we might join in to understand and shape it. The program seeks to explore the physio-socio-ecological systems, connections, and manifestations that form the constructed environment by supporting advanced research in topics that engage one or more of the Architecture’s School’s four disciplines: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban and Environmental Planning, and Architectural History. The program fosters scholarship that identifies and researches emerging multidisciplinary issues across the globe and at every scale. The application package must demonstrate applicant's abilities to engage with these issues through advancing independent research and collaboration with faculty, and through a clear sense of original contribution to knowledge in the constructed environment.

The admissions process at the University of Virginia School of Architecture is designed to build an extraordinary community of students who will thrive in a collegial and academically rigorous environment and go on to become responsible leaders, public servants, and successful members of their desired professions. To that end, we seek an entering class of forward thinking students who exemplify the qualities of resilience, integrity, empathy, diligence, maturity and the ability to engage across differences. At the most basic level, our goal is to understand each applicant as a person, and to evaluate the unique path that led them to apply to UVA. Our evaluation criteria are holistic and necessarily assess all components of the application. 

We consider intellectual aptitude and academic achievement, as well as individual life experiences, obstacles overcome, contributions through service and leadership, a unique worldview, demonstrations of strength of character, the nature and quality of any work experience, military service, and an applicant’s potential to contribute to and succeed at the School of Architecture. Understanding each story will enable us to offer admission to students who will thrive and contribute to the experience of those around them. We are committed to welcoming, in the words of our University mission statement, “talented students from all walks of life,” and will continue to do our best to be a welcoming and inclusive community — one that values the unique gifts of our students and, above all, cares for them as individuals. We do not consider an applicant’s race, financial need or family history with UVA as part of the admissions decision.



Join our CONTACT LIST if you have not already done so. This provides the School of Architecture with contact information in order to remain in touch with you throughout the application process.


Create an ONLINE APPLICATION. Note the 2024 application opens in early September 2023.



You can log in to your online application account as many times as needed to complete the requirements. 

An $80 non-refundable application fee is required to apply; your application will not be reviewed until the payment is processed. Pay the application fee via credit card online, or contact the UVA Central Admission Office at or 434.243.0209 if you need assistance paying your deposit through another method.

You may be exempt from paying the application fee if you meet UVA's eligibility criteria found at University of Virginia's Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs website

The School of Architecture is unable to provide other application fee waivers.


It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all application materials are submitted by January 10 (11:59pm EST) for your application to move forward in the review process. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Return to your application checklist to confirm all required items are submitted.

The application closes, and applications cannot be submitted after the application deadline.

Unofficial transcripts will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee and must be submitted as part of your application. Applicants must hold a master's degree.

NOTES for applicants from international schools:

  • Transcripts not in English must be translated to English and include all courses, grades, degrees, and dates of degrees received.

  • Applicants must also submit an explanation of the grading scale used and the equivalent to a U.S. 4.0 scale.

  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to upload a NACES member course-by-course credential evaluation to satisfy the above requirements.

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