Our Mission

We facilitate shared solutions through equitable collaboration, research, and training.

The Institute for Engagement + Negotiation website is currently in a rebuilding phase.

The Institute for Engagement & Negotiation (IEN) is a nationally recognized leader in fostering collaborative change across a broad range of environmental, social and economic issues. Founded in 1980, IEN is a public service organization of the University of Virginia, at the School of Architecture, with a team of facilitators and mediators that assists organizations, agencies, industry, and communities in making bold, sustainable decisions. Our work spans four areas: sustainable environment; resilient communities; health, food and social equity; and building capacity through training and leadership.

Formerly the Institute for Environmental Negotiation, in spring 2019, IEN concluded a rebranding process which resulted in its new name - Institute for Engagement & Negotiation. Over the course of four decades, the nature of our work evolved to reflect our changing world and community. As IEN's focus has expanded beyond environmental sustainability to encompass environmental, economic and social resilience, our name and our work reflects a new understanding and commitment to bringing social equity to the decision-making table, not only with our external clients but also in our own backyard of the university.

The Institute for Engagement + Negotiation website is currently in a rebuilding phase.


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