Inaugural Virginia Architecture Fellows Showcase

VA Architecture Fellows Showcase
The 2023–2024 Virginia Architecture Fellows (clockwise from top left): Isaac Alejandro Mangual-Martínez, Lauren McQuistion, Stacy Scott, Peter Stec, and Jess Vanecek. 

inaugural Virginia architecture FELLOWS showcase
MON, APR 8 – FRI, APR 26, 2024

MON, APR 15, 2024

The UVA School of Architecture welcomed its inaugural cohort of the Virginia Architecture Fellowship in fall 2023. The fellowship was awarded to five emerging designer/practitioners or educators with promising design experience across scales and typologies. The Virginia Architecture Fellows began teaching in fall 2023 as full-time Assistant Professors (General Faculty) with a focus on developing a 1-year creative research project and pedagogy at UVA. The five fellows were selected based on their exceptional design teaching capacity, compelling research proposals, and ability to serve as collaborators who share a commitment to further implementing  justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion goals toward a more equitable institution, practice, and constructed environment.

In addition to peer support through a cohort, the Virginia Architecture Fellows receive mentorship through tenured faculty at the School of Architecture and the opportunity to showcase their research as part of this culminating exhibition. Join the Virginia Architecture Fellows as they speak about their work as a group during the April 15 gallery talk, and during individual lunchtime talks—see schedule below.

Lunchtime Talks with the Virginia Architecture Fellows
12–1 pm, Elmaleh Gallery

Wed, Apr 17: Peter Stec
Thu, Apr 18: Stacy Scott
Fri, Apr 19: Jess Vanecek
Wed, Apr 24: Isaac Alejandro Mangual-Martínez
Thu, Apr 25: Lauren McQuistion

Inaugural 2023–2024 Fellows:

Isaac Alejandro Mangual-Martínez
Master of Architecture, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) 
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design, University of Puerto Rico
VA Architecture Fellowship Research Topic:  Migration and (Archi)Cultural Entanglement in the Caribbean and the United States

Lauren McQuistion
PhD in the Constructed Environment (candidate), University of Virginia
Master of Architecture, University of California Berkeley
Bachelor of Science Architecture with minor in Architectural History, University of Virginia
VA Architecture Fellowship Research Topic:  The Charlottesville Tapes publication and conference (1982)

Stacy Scott
PhD in Planning, Design, and the Built Environment, Clemson University
Master of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Arts, Andrews University
VA Architecture Fellowship Research Topic:  Belonging and Wellbeing in the Design of Human-focused Spaces

Peter Stec
Master of Architecture, Princeton University 
Bachelor of Architecture, University of Applied Arts (Vienna)
VA Architecture Fellowship Research Topic:  Where Do We Meet? A Study of the Relationships between Movement and Space, Connections and Boundaries

Jess Vanecek
Master of Architecture, Washington University (St. Louis)
Master of Construction Management, Washington University (St. Louis)
Bachelor of Science Architecture with minors in Architectural History and Historic Preservation, University of Virginia
VA Architecture Fellowship Research Topic:  The Impacts of Climate Change on Rural, Low-lying Island and Coastal Communities of the Chesapeake Bay


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