100 Days of Making

watercolor painting
Daniel Wright, Boundary Conditions, 2024. Watercolor and colored pencil on mylar. 

100 Days of Making 
Sat, Apr 27 – Tues, Apr 30
Campbell East Wing Gallery

This exhibit showcases work by students in Professor Sanda Iliescu’s 100 Days of Making, Architecture 5500, a course that is borne of the belief that artists and designers learn most when they engage in the daily practice of their craft. Instead of following the traditional class model that is centered on a final project or event (exam, final paper, or final review), the work of this class revolves around the daily practice and production of each student. At the beginning of the semester, each student identified a project they then explored every day over the course of 100 days, posting their daily work on Instagram. This year’s students chose to explore a wide variety of media and crafts, including weaving, plaster casting, cloth dyeing with natural pigments, sculpture with found objects, and watercolor on paper or mylar.


sanda iliescu

Sanda Iliescu’s practice spans the media of painting, drawing, and collage. Outside the studio, she makes murals and installations, some with students at the University of Virginia, where she is Professor of Architecture. Molly Krom Gallery based in New York and Berlin, and Les Yeux du Monde Gallery in Charlottesville represent Iliescu’s work.

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