Weedon Professor in Asian Architecture, Architecture + Architectural History; DIRECTOR OF THE UNDERGRADUATE ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY PROGRAM

Education: Birkbeck College, University of London, PhD; AA School of Architecture, AA Grad Dip; Tsinghua University, Bachelor of Architecture

I research in the area of urban and architectural theory in writing and design. Published in Power and Virtue, Architecture and Modernization, Kowloon Cultural District (with Esther Lorenz), Understanding the Chinese City, journal articles, as well as delivered through keynote and guest lectures around the world, my contribution to urban and architectural theory makes evident the operations of culturally and intellectually constructed values instrumental to the production of cities and architecture. My research enlarges thinking spaces within which more sensible and effective actions in the constructed environment can be formulated. I seek pathways of intellectual understanding and response in architecture that aim to restore our pervasively technologized and ecologically strained world to its fertile functions.

My teaching integrates history and theory with design. Under studio instruction, my students won several first prizes in international student design competitions, the AIA Unbuilt Award, and were nominated and shortlisted for RIBA President’s Medal. Through courses in history and theory, I bring a critique of the world system and its more recent neoliberalization through the financialization of urban and architectural design. I seek insights in deep cultural frameworks through studies of Chinese cities, as well as how these cultural frameworks are fundamentally structured by distinctive features stemming from the linguistic constructs of Indo-European and Sinitic languages. All these come together to formulate new theoretical grounds for design.

Long standing collaborations have been established in the past decades with Southeast University in Nanjing and South China University of Technology in Guangzhou, among many other universities; in particular, the Center for Asian Architecture and Urbanism jointly established between Southeast University and University of Virginia promotes a global framework of exchange of ideas. Many of the research themes are also developed in association with the editorial team at the leading refereed journal Theory Culture & Society. Tentative research results have been discussed in international conferences in London, Beijing, Tokyo, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Leiden, Charlottesville, among other places; this is further supported by numerous guest teaching and lecturing in cities across the world.


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Refereed Journals, Chapters, Exhibitions

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Forthcoming     Li Shiqiao, “Spaces of the Prudent Self”, in Greg Bracken ed., City and Society, the Care of the Self, Amsterdam University Press, estimated 2018

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Other Journals, Conference Papers and Book Chapters

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Keynote Speeches:

2017 September         Keynote, “Designing with History and Theory”, SCUT, Guangzhou

2017 June                    Beiyang Lecture, “Critique of Utopia”, Tianjin University, Tianjin

2017 June                    Keynote, “Rethinking the Indo-European Tradition”, Southeast University, Nanjing

2016 May                     Keynote, “Spaces of the Prudent Self”, TU Delft, The Netherlands

2016 January                Keynote, “Architecture and Asian Thought”, Southeast University, Nanjing

2015 June                    Keynote, “Asian Perspective in Architecture”, Southeast University, Nanjing

2011 May                     Keynote, “The Figure as Home”, Southeast University, Nanjing

2009 May                     Keynote, “Body in Danger, Body in Safety”, Peking University

2008 April                    Keynote, “Chinese Cities as Megacities”, University of Johannesburg

2007 October               Keynote, “The Modern Project”, University of Melbourne

2005 October               Keynote, “The Ten-kilometer University”, RMIT University, Melbourne