UVA School of Architecture believes in cultivating your ability to have a positive impact in the world through design. Architecture, in its broadest terms and incorporating all our disciplines, is a form of culture creation and transformation. During your time here, we aim to empower you to invest in the many ways that design, as an agent of change, helps to shape and reinvent the world.

As part of a leading research University, the graduate programs at UVA School of Architecture are built upon design innovation, scholarly research and community engagement. Its faculty and students are committed to addressing the global and critical challenges of the contemporary environment and speculating on new futures. UVA School of Architecture is a unique and dynamic community, rich in collaborative modes of engagement and practice. Inherently interdisciplinary, graduate students at UVA School of Architecture are able to draw from the collective knowledge, creativity and approaches found within its four departments: architecture, architectural history, landscape architecture, and urban + environmental planning.


STEP 1: Fill out a REQUEST FOR INFORMATION if you have not already done so. This provides the School of Architecture with contact information in order to remain in touch with you throughout the application process.

STEP 2: If you are applying to obtain a graduate degree in Architecture or Landscape Architecture, determine which degree program (1, 2, 2.5 or 3) you are eligible for by completing the PATHFINDER form. For graduate degrees in Architectural History and Urban + Environmental Planning, this step is not required.


NOTE: If you are applying to more than one program, you must create a distinct online application for each degree, and submit all requirements for each separately.

STEP 4: Complete all the application requirements described below and submit these as part of the online application by the required deadline. You can log in to your online application account as many times as needed to complete the requirements. 

Your online application has a $75 non-refundable application fee; your application is not considered complete and reviewable until the payment is processed. You may submit your application fee via credit card online. If you can not pay by credit card, please contact the Central Admission Office at or 434.243.0209.

NOTE: You may be exempt from paying the $75 non-refundable application fee if: 

+ You are a current graduate student at UVA School of Architecture applying for a second degree

+ You meet the criteria based on one of four categories (Organization Affiliation, Active Duty/Veteran, Need-based, or Minority Serving Institution).  Fee waiver information, eligibility criteria, and instructions for filling out the waiver request form can be found at University of Virginia's Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs website.



Unofficial transcripts will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee and should be submitted with your application. Official transcripts are not required until an applicant accepts an offer of admission from the School of Architecture, however offers are not binding until an official transcript has been received and verified by the Central Graduate Admission Office.

Resumes or Curriculum Vitae should include your past education, work experiences, honors and awards, key research and creative works (including exhibitions, competitions, collaborative projects, residencies, volunteer or community-based work), educational or work-related travel opportunities, leadership positions, and contact information. 

STATEMENT OF INTENT: A 500-word Statement of Intent should describe your reasons for applying to the specific graduate program of your choice. Include:

+ Description of preparation for this field of study you have had, if applicable

+ Specific research interests related to this field of study that you hope to pursue as a graduate student

+ Aspects of your background, undergraduate education, work experiences, or other past experiences that you believe to be motivating factors in applying to your program of choice 

+ Interests and/or achievements that may aid the Admissions Committee in evaluating your aptitude for graduate or post-professional study

The statement should be specific, well-written and concise.

ESSAY: A 250-word Essay that critically evaluates an object or experience of design and/or the built environment that has made a significant impact in your life. This may include a work of scholarship (such as a book, research project, or field study), a creative work (such as a work of art, a building, an exhibition), or an environment/place (such as an urban condition, a public park, an installation). Describe the object or experience briefly; and then then describe its relevance to your understanding of the built world and how it may have shaped your interest for continued learning in this area. 

Path 1 M Arch applicants and Path 2 Advanced MLA applicants only: Your Essay should include a description of the design and research topics you intend to explore during your graduate education. It should also provide a description of School of Architecture faculty members with whom you would like to study and why.

Submit three Letters of Recommendation, at least 2 of which should be from former professors if you have received your undergraduate degree (or graduate if applicable) within the last five years. Letters from former employers are also encouraged. Recommendations are only accepted through the online application system.

NOTE: If you are applying to more than one program, you will need to submit three Letters of Recommendation for each program to which you are applying.

Current UVA graduate students who are applying for a dual degree to the Master of Urban + Environmental Planning program will need two letters, one from a faculty member in the planning department and one from a faculty member in your current department.

NOTE: You can submit your application before your recommenders submit their recommendations. From your online application, select "RECOMMENDATIONS" on the left menu and follow the instructions provided. 

Recommendation providers will receive an individual link via email with instructions about how to submit their letters.

GRE SCORES: You are required to take the general test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Test scores should be forwarded directly from Educational Testing Services to the University of Virginia. 

UVA's institution code number on the GRE form is 5820.

Scores are accepted for GRE exams taken within five years of the application date. 

Your application will be considered complete for committee review with the unofficial scores that you enter on your online application. However, all scores must be submitted by the application deadline directly from Educational Testing Services to be able to matriculate.


There is no minimum GRE score required to apply to the School of Architecture. 

TOEFL or IELTS SCORES (INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS ONLY): All graduate students whose first or native language is not English are required to submit proof of language proficiency by submitting TOEFL or IELTS scores. Students who have earned a 4-year bachelor's degree entirely from an institution where English is the primary language of instruction are not required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores. You will note this exemption on your online application. 

TOEFL test scores should be forwarded directly from Educational Testing Services to the University of Virginia. 

UVA's institution code number on the TOEFL submission is B875.

IELTS test scores should be forwarded directly from IELTS to the University of Virginia.

Scores are accepted for TOEFL or IELTS exams within two years of the application date. 


TOEFL (paper-based exam): 600 or higher

TOEFL (computer-based exam): 250 or higher

TOEFL (internet-based exam): 90 or higher

IELTS: 7.0 or higher in each section 

Your portfolio demonstrates experience and exploration in the areas of design, craft, creative thinking and all forms of making. All M Arch and MLA applicants are required to submit an electronic portfolio as part of the online application. 

NOTE: Applicants to the Master of Architectural History and Master of Urban + Environmental Planning programs are not expected to submit portfolios unless applying for the Urban Design Certificate.

Applicants to the M Arch 1 program must submit a portfolio which exhibits the design and/or research directions they wish to continue to study at UVA School of Architecture.