Assistant Professor, Architecture

Education: The Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, PhD, Master of Advanced Studies on Research, Master of Architecture

Luis focuses his professional practice on the submission of international architectural competitions. Associated with Ines Martin Robles, he has won 17 awards in different competitions and 10 awards for their built work, including the recent AZ Awards in Canada, AR awards of AIA, and the ACSA Faculty Design Award. Their work has been published in numerous international magazines.

His research interests focus on the technical dimension of architecture and its influence on the methodology of architectural design, American industrial architecture, and industrial ruins and derelict productive landscapes. He has widely published in peer review journals and achieved a Ph.D with a dissertation entitled “Albert Kahn Inc. Architecture as a Technical Object”.

Luis Pancorbo has been for 8 years associate Professor in the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM), and from 2011 to 2015 associate Professor in ESNE School of Design, Madrid.

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2018. ACSA 2017-2018 Architectural Education Awards. Faculty Design Award.

2017. STUDIO PRIZE. The Architect Magazine. AIA.

2017. Shortlisted for the S.ARCH 2018 AWARD. Venice, Italy.

2017. Excellence Award in Professional - Non-Commissioned Projects. AIA DC’s UNBUILT Awards. 

2017. Finalist. ODA (Obra del año- Building of the year) Plataforma arquitectura-Arch Daily.

2017. Finalist. Architizer A+Awards. Architizer USA.

2017. Faculty Research Award. School of Architecture. University of Virginia.

2016. UVA Arts Council Grant.

2016. Citation. R+D Awards. Architect Magazine. USA.

2016. First Prize. AZ Awards 2016. Canada.

2015. Honorable Mention. COAM 2015. Premio Luis Moreno Mansilla.

2015. Runner Up. Spanish Architecture Award

2015. Runner Up. Lamp lighting Awards.

2014. Scholarship of the Social Council of the UPM.