At UVA School of Architecture, our studios and labs are at the center of what we do. They are places of experimentation and speculation, where emergent technologies and concepts are explored, applied and tested. Our studios and labs are spaces where hands-on, active learning and making occurs every day.

In addition to two floors of open studio space, the School of Architecture houses maker and incubator spaces that support a range of design practices. The fabrications shops are laboratories for thinking and making both in the analog and digital realms. Through courses, workshops and interdisciplinary projects, the UVA School of Architecture Fabrication Labs push the boundaries of technology, tools and materials research. A host of Digital Design Labs provide our students with both general computing resources and advanced digital tools with a specific focus on computation, visualization, and simulation of the built environment. 

 The UVA School of Architecture Fabrication Labs include a woodshop, CNC Lab and 3D Print Lab. They are fully equipped with tools for traditional analog woodworking and digital fabrication including the following highlighted tools:

+ 5' x 10' Onsrud 3-Axis CNC Router

+ Techno 3-Axis CNC Router

+ (2) Universal Laser Cutters

+ Stratasys Dimension ABS 3D Printer

+ Denford MicroMill 2000

+ 3D Digitizer 

+ 3D Laser Scanner

+ sewing machines 

+ Bernina 830 Embroidery Machine for CNC sewing

The School offers a number of Short Short Courses, or SSCs: one-day workshops that focus on particular tools and techniques that are open to students, faculty and staff of UVA Arts Grounds. Past SSCs:

+ Casting and Formwork

+ Introduction to Welding

+ Vacuumforming 

+ Advanced Woodworking

+ Introduction to CNC Routing (offered every semester, required to use the CNC routers)

For questions about the Fabrication Labs or equipment, contact Melissa Goldman, Fabrication Facilities Manager.

UVA School of Architecture Fab Lab hosts a series of SSCs (Shop Short Courses) for its faculty, students and staff. Sign up for current offering through the link below.

UVA School of Architecture operates Digital Design Labs which include computer graphics labs, classrooms, projection facilities, a print center, and clusters, offering a suite of resources that support our students' academic success and their ability to be leaders in the realm of design experimentation with advanced technologies. Digital Design facilities include:

+ Digital Media Lab: This lab hosts digital media workstations with software that includes CAD, animation, image processing, rendering, analog and digital video capture, editing and recording, video conferencing, and multimedia authoring. It also includes multiple flatbed scanners, batch and large format slide scanners, grayscale laser, color laser, and photo printers. Analog videotape editing equipment is also available for standalone work or in combination with digital video capture, editing, and recording.

+ General Purpose Digital Classroom: This is a supervised-use only classroom with software including: GIS, CAD, animation, structural analysis, image processing, rendering, digital terrain modeling, desktop publishing and more. This classroom is only available during scheduled class sessions.

+ CNC Fabrication + Prototyping Lab: This lab contains two laser cutting and engraving machines, 2 CNC routers, a 3D printer, 3D digitizer, and a 3D laser scanner. Part of the Fabrication Labs, this space defines a critical link between design computation and physical fabrication. The tools are driven by CAD/CAM and graphics software. Access to the equipment requires the completion of training workshops offered out of the School of Architecture Fabrication Labs.

+ Studio Computing Clusters: Windows and Mac computers are available throughout the 3rd and 4th floor studio spaces, including the Technology Bridge on the 4th floor mezzanine. 

+ Print Center: The Print Center at the School of Architecture provides students and faculty with access to a variety of regular and large-format high-resolution color plotters and printers.