University of Virginia: School of Architecture

An excerpt from the blog "Pruned" by Alex Trevi [02.22.08]: "Beginning in 1994, a multi-disciplinary team — which consisted of T. Allan Comp, a historian and director of the non-profit AMD&ART; Robert Deason, a hydrogeologist; Stacy Levy, a sculptor; AmeriCorps interns; and landscape architect Julie Bargmann, of D.I.R.T. Studio — were tasked to create 'a large-scale, artful public space that directly addresses the problems of AMD and much more.'

"AMD in the entire Appalachian Region, we read, is 'the most widespread water quality problem, as well as a significant economic and social constraint.' Indeed, the EPA has designated it as the biggest environmental problem in the eastern mountains....The result of the collaboration is, if not innovative, gloriously inspiring."

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Additional Information: Pruned - 02.22.08 entry

Published: February 26, 2008