Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture

Education: Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Master of Landscape Architecture; Rhode Island School of Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design

Zaneta Hong is an Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture at the University of Virginia, where she teaches interdisciplinary courses in material ecologies & technologies and information-based digital practices. Zaneta has collaborated with a number of academic material collections including those at the Harvard Design School and the University of Texas in Austin; and is currently working with the University of Virginia’s Materials Collection. Her research has appeared in numerous publications including Innovations in Landscape Architecture, Living Systems: Innovative Materials & Technologies for Landscape Architecture, International Journal of Interior Architecture & Spatial Design, Journal of Landscape Architecture, and Landscape Architecture Magazine.

In addition to teaching, Zaneta is a Co-Director for Meta-field | Beta-field and a Design Principal for GA Collaborative. Meta-field | Beta-field is a research lab focused on material and procedural design processes, and its implications on technology, culture, and the built environment. The lab establishes a framework through which interdisciplinary collaboration, critical engagements with experimental and performative processes, emerging technologies and materials research are undertaken. GA Collaborative is a design-oriented non-profit organization focused on the design and strategic implementation of culturally specific architecture and landscape projects, with projects in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Nepal and the United States.

Meta-field is a speculative and applied research lab focused on collaborative and interdisciplinary design research, integrating Materials, Environments, Technologies and Assemblies. We investigate novel and innovative approaches to material systems, information assemblies, and emergent technologies directed toward the construction, mediation, and augmentation of our shared built environment.

Beta-field is an interdisciplinary design/research group with a multimodal approach to practice. With backgrounds in architecture, landscape architecture, and industrial design, along with experience working as designers, educators and researchers, we promote a view of practice that operates through various modes of design inquiry, development, and production.

General Architecture Collaborative is a non-profit architecture firm focused on housing, healthcare, and educational projects that serve underrepresented, vulnerable and developing communities. Our vision is to bring together individuals and organizations interested in contributing to innovative, impactful and empowering design projects that build sustainable and socially equitable spaces.