Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture

Education: University of Cape Town, Bachelor of Architecture; University of Pennsylvania, Master of Landscape Architecture; University of London – Royal Holloway, PhD in Geography

Trained as an architect, landscape architect and cultural geographer, Jeremy is interested in the opportunities the landscape medium — simultaneously, an assemblage of material processes, a space of representation, and a vehicle of discourse — offers for trans-disciplinary study. Both his teaching and research are informed by the cultural, environmental and bio-political consequences of landscape thinking. He has taught design studios addressing a wide variety of global urban landscapes, as well as courses on the history and theory of landscape and urban design; the interplay between representation and materiality in cultures of landscape and imaginary geographies; cities, biopolitics and socio-natures; the performative and affective dimensions of built/grown environments; the geographies of architecture, and how these are being re-articulated through globalization. His current research and writing focus on the relationship between climate, history and the effective atmospheres of cities. In addition to his monograph Washed with Sun: landscape and the making of white South Africa (Pittsburgh 2008), his articles have appeared in Architectural Research Quarterly, Journal of Landscape Architecture, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Gender, Place and Culture, Safundi, and Cultural Geographies, as well as edited collections Women, Modernity & Landscape Architecture (2015), Cultural Landscape Heritage in Sub-Saharan Africa (2016) and  Commemorative Spaces of the First World War: Historical Geographies at the Centenary (2017)