University of Virginia: School of Architecture

Guoping Huang

Assistant Professor
Guoping Huang
Discipline Urban and Environmental Planning
Education D.Des., Harvard University Graduate School of Design;
M.S. in landscape planning and design, Peking University, China
B.S. in urban and regional planning, Peking University, China
Phone 434-982-2194
Office 320 Campbell Hall

Personal Statement

Dr. Guoping Huang is an assistant professor at the School of Architecture, University of Virginia. He currently teaches Methods of Planning Analysis, Geographic Information System(GIS) and International Planning. Dr. Huang specializes in digital visualization techniques, GIS, and alternative futures studies in urban and environmental planning. He has conducted a diverse set of urban and environmental planning research and practice projects throughout many countries. Recent projects include:

    - Alternative Futures for the Telluride Region, Colorado, in which he conducted visual assessment study and won the Best GIS Application Poster Award at the 2011 International Conference on Digital Landscape Architecture in Dessau, Germany

    - Spatial Development Planning Project for Southern Tanzania and Northern Mozambique with support from the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)

    - Alternative Futures for the La Paz region, Mexico (

Dr. Huang is also the Senior GIS Editor for the Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations (DARMC, project which has been cataloged as an important digital resource for historians and other researchers by many university libraries, such as Oxford, Harvard, Stanford and Cornell.

Before he came to University of Virginia, Dr. Huang had worked at Harvard University Center for Geographic Analysis as a research fellow, Turenscape Design Institute, Beijing as a landscape planner.

Dr. Huang holds a Doctor of Design in landscape planning from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Master of Science degree in Landscape Design and Planning, Bachelor of Science degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Peking University, China.

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