University of Virginia: School of Architecture

Edward Ford

Vincent and Eleanor Shea Professor
Edward Ford
Discipline Architecture
Education B.S., Washington University; M.Arch., Washington University
Phone 924-6429
Office 207 Peyton House

Personal Statement

Edward Ford is the author of The Details of Modern Architecture (MIT, 1990, German edition: Birkhauser, 1994, Japanese Edition: Maruzen, 2000) and The Details of Modern Architecture, Volume 2 (MIT, 1996, Japanese Edition: Maruzen, 2000), both supported by grants from the Graham Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, and The Architectural Detail (Princeton Architectural Press, 2011). He has published articles in L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, Inform, B, eAV, Detail, Harvard Design Magazine, The Oxford American and Perspecta and was a consultant to the 1992 American Heritage Dictionary. His publications have been recognized by the Association of Academic Publishers, the AIA, Lingua Franca, and The Architects Journal. In 2011 Designers and Books named The Details of Modern Architecture to the list of “Books Every Architect Should Read” and named The Architectural Detail as one of the notable books of 2011.

His architectural work is the subject of the monograph Five Houses, Ten Details (Princeton Architectural Press, 2009) and his design work has been published in The New American House, Japan Architect, Competitions, 18 Houses, ARQ, Inform, The Chronicle of Higher Education and Oculus and has been exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Chicago Foundation for Architecture. He won second prize in the 1990 Matteson Library Competition and third prize in the 1990 Japan Architect Competition. In 2002 the Ford house won an Honor Award for Design from the Virginia AIA. In 1997 he was the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from Washington University. In 2004 he was the Thomas Jefferson Visiting Fellow at Downing College at the University of Cambridge and in 2009 the Pietro Belluschi Visiting Professor at the University of Oregon. In 2011 he was Artist in Residence at Petrified Forest National Park. He has lectured at the National Building Museum, the University of Houston, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Maryland, Catholic University, Ohio State University, the University of Michigan, Parsons School of Design, Clemson University, Rice University, Syracuse University, Georgia Tech, Mississippi State University, the University of British Columbia, Tulane University, Washington University, The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, the University of Cambridge, the Architektur Zentrum, Vienna, the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Versailles, Norske Arkitektakademi and the Alvar Aalto Univeristy in Helsinki and was co-chairman of the 1996 ACSA National Technology Conference.

Personal Gallery

1 of 36 Ford House.
2 of 36 Ford House.
3 of 36 Ford House.
4 of 36 Ford House.
5 of 36 Living Room- Ford House.
6 of 36 Elevation and Section- Ford House.
7 of 36 Site Plan- Ford House.
8 of 36 Kitchen- Ford House.
9 of 36 Ground Floor Plan, Ford House.
10 of 36 Interior- Ford House.
11 of 36 Exterior Table-Ford House.
12 of 36 Exterior Table Detail- Ford House.
13 of 36 Dining Room Table- Ford House.
14 of 36 Entry- Ford House.
15 of 36 Axonometric of Inglenook- Ford House.
16 of 36 Column/Wall Detail- Ford House.
17 of 36 Column/Wall Detail 2-Ford House.
18 of 36 Steel joints- Ford House.
19 of 36 Section- Free union School Competition.
20 of 36 Construction Sequence- Free Union School.
21 of 36 Beam and Column- Free Union School.
22 of 36 Structural Joints- Free Union School Competition.
23 of 36 Free Union School Competition.
24 of 36 Brick, Wood and Steel House.
25 of 36 Alpine Mountain Hut Competition.
26 of 36 Alpine Mountain Hut Competition.
27 of 36 Plan- Alpine Mountain Hut Competition.
28 of 36 Alpine Mountain Hut Competition.
29 of 36 Alpine Mountain Hut Competition.
30 of 36 Unit Construction- Alpine Mountain Hut Competition.
31 of 36 Joint- Alpine Mountain Hut Competition.
32 of 36 Alpine Mountain Hut Competition.
33 of 36 Alpine Mountain Hut Competition.
34 of 36 Carrel- Matteson Public Library Competition.
35 of 36 Carrel- Matteson Public Library Competition.
36 of 36 Carrel- Matteson Public Library Competition.