Every year a rising fourth year at the School of Architecture is nominated to receive the Kyle Kauffman Award. This award was created to recognize a design student that stands out as embodying the qualities that Kyle stood for. Not only did Kyle excel in design work, but she also exhibited a strong passion for the field. Most importantly, these aspects were coupled with her humble and compassionate attitude. Always friendly and willing to help out, Kyle created an atmosphere of friendship and hard work, as well as helping her classmates to become better people and better architects.

This year, Nate Nelson was selected as the 2018 winner. The School of Architecture congratulates Nathanael Nelson as this year’s recipient of the Kyle Kauffman Award.

From the selection committee: Nathanael embodies the characteristics of passion and generosity recognized through this award. The selection committee described, “We were inspired by Nate’s humility and passion for architecture. His quiet leadership makes him approachable to his classmates, as people want to get to know him and interact with him. His excellent studio work was illustrated in his most recent studio project (which Professor Peter Waldman claimed was the most mature and socially/contextually conscious in his studio) as well as in his floating exhibition studio project in Venice. He even took the initiative to learn 3D printing his first year amidst his already rigorous schedule." The committee cited his “big picture thinking and positive attitude,” and a deep commitment to tackle the complex cultural and environmental issues embedded within architectural design.