"Bigness instigates the regime of complexity that mobilizes the full intelligence of architecture and its related fields." - Rem Koolhaas, SMLXL, 1995.

Our ongoing NYC Studio positions New York City as an educational laboratory for design innovation. As a core studio in the Master of Architecture foundation studio sequence, the curriculum focuses on a large urban building with a hybrid program. Addressing the multiplicity inherent in what constitutes MEGASTRUCTURES for tomorrow, our students develop positions dedicated to urbanity, density, hybridity, domesticity, and flexibility for future change. 

At the urban scale students analyze the potential of alternative massing strategies and address building volume in the context of the surrounding city. At the building scale investigations study the potential for building systems, building envelopes, and structural systems to inform the building design and urban block development. Our MEGASTRUCTURES projects tackle the complexity of the large urban building in order to envision and propose new forms of spatial occupation and experience. These are buildings where the dichotomies of public and private, live and work, inside and outside, maybe re-defined. Our MEGASTRUCTURES take on the complexity that is negotiated within the realm of bigness in architecture.


The New York Studio

If BIGNESS transforms architecture, its accumulation generates a new kind of citY /// REM KOOLHAAS