Global Networks

We use UVA's Academical Village as an incubator to build a vision for the future that engages local, national and global communities and promotes ongoing exchange, research and travel opportunities for our students and faculty.

The first-hand experience of historic and contemporary cities, buildings and landscapes is a key component of architectural education. We send our students out into the world and bring the global community to UVA through visiting international faculty, lectures, symposia, and exhibitions. Current offering study abroad programs in Venice, Vicenza, Barcelona, China, Germany, and Ghana allow our students and faculty to immerse themselves in diverse and dynamic cultures around the world and experience design through these GLOBAL NETWORKS.  Recent research studios offer our students and faculty exciting opportunities for integrated learning and teaching that reach well beyond UVA’s immediate surroundings. With on-going projects in China, India, Argentina, Spain, Africa, the Arctic and multiple national and international coastal communities, the School of Architecture is committed to providing students with a worldview that addresses a climate of increasing pluralism, with multiplying possibilities and points of view. When engaged in diverse locations across the globe, students and faculty work directly with organizations and communities in-situ, making these GLOBAL NETWORKS a vehicle for engagement and action through design.


Arctic Design Group

Yamuna River Project

China: Emerging Typologies in the City Region

UVA Architecture in Venice

UVA Architecture in Barcelona

We believe that the future of our students will be found in all corners of the world. We provide impactful global experiences for our students to engage in how design manifests, operates, and evolves in various culturally-rich, diverse, and rapidly-changing contexts.