Kinesthetic Montage Hong Kong

An exhibition by Esther Lorenz

Screening at Open Grounds: Wednesday, February 21, 5pm
Reception and Gallery Talk: Friday, February 23, 5pm

Hong Kong, home to a thriving film culture, is itself a film set. Its movies are predominantly shot on location, producing filmic narratives and montages of spaces that in turn reflect back onto the city and its perception. Hong Kong’s extreme density produces a complex network of walking paths, interior and exterior, that emerge in the intersection between pedestrian infrastructure, public transport systems, and architecture. The walking human body activates the multitude of experiential sequences that are imminent in this intensely layered urban structure, producing an inherently cinematic experience as well. This research documents and explores this unique relationship between film, dense urban space and movement.

The exhibition showcases selected works from this investigation through case studies and from the research studio “Kinesthetic Montage: Hong Kong Film Archive”. The project is funded by UVA Arts Council, UVA Center for Global Inquiry and Innovation and UVA School of Architecture.