Center for Cultural Landscapes Restoration Roundtable- No Redemption

Julie Bargmann

Bargmann’s design research practice, D.I.R.T. studio strives to critically understand the complex social and environmental systems of contemporary manufactured and post-industrial sites. While their work in these lands is often categorized as restoration or remediation, Bargmann questions the use of those traditional terms, as they suggest a return to some idealized and lost state of the past.

Bargmann will explore her work as tapping a site’s material and social evolution. She will highlight methodologies of deep site forensics that enable a curatorial approach to design, forming a field of rules of restraint and principles for action. Rather than REpair, REgeneration, or REstoration, Bargmann conceives of her work as summoning the flows of past site systems to inform the next iteration of a place: no longer derelict, not restored, but continued.