University of Virginia: School of Architecture

2012 Sarah McArthur Nix and Carlo Pelliccia Travelling Fellowship Exhibitions

2012 Sarah McArthur Nix and Carlo Pelliccia Travelling Fellowship Exhibitions
Date: Sun, 02/10/2013 to Sat, 03/9/2013 Type: Lectures & Symposia

2012 Sarah McArthur Nix Travelling Fellows

(Exhibiting in the East Gallery, outside of room 153)

Alan Ford

Matthew Pinyan

Parker Sutton

2012 Carlo Pelliccia Travelling Fellows

(Exhibiting in the Campbell Hall Corner Gallery, outside of the Bishop Conference Room)

Teppei Iizuka

Kirsten Sparenborg


Sarah McArthur Nix Fellowship

Founded in 1996 by Lewis and Beth Nix in honor of his mother Sarah McArthur Nix, the intention of the fellowship is to support a line of research and independent study of an architecture student over the course of the summer in France.  While it is not required, it is encouraged that the study of the Nix Fellow might entertain the influence of French architecture upon the work of Thomas Jefferson.  The student is expected to share her/his gained experiences and scholarship with the students and the faculty of the School of Architecture upon her/his return in the form of a public lecture, exhibition, or publication.

Carlo Pelliccia Fellowship

The purpose of the Carlo Pelliccia Study Fellowship in Italy is to provide funds for a student to spend a period of independent study abroad, primarily located in Rome, Italy. The fellowship has been established in the memory of Carlo Pelliccia, a dedicated teacher and passionate delineator who added substantially to the character and appetites of this School. (Should unusual circumstances warrant, the recipient might not be required to spend the majority of research time in Rome, but could stay in some other locale in Italy upon approval by the Review Committee.)