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Design is not an isolated pursuit. Not only is design inherently collaborative, it also maintains a long history within its own discipline of drawing from a full range of conceptual motivators. (DESIGN +) recognizes two core values:

1_Applying creative methodologies that are informed by spatial understanding, material making, and a design thinking approach to address complex real world issues such as healthcare and wellness, food systems, land use, information and data technologies, communication systems, and more.

2_Cross-programming, hybrid systems, and extra-disciplinary theories can push the boundaries of our own disciplines, leading the way to novel approaches to design at a full range of scales: from objects and furniture, installations and environments, buildings and cities, to landscapes and systems. 

We approach (DESIGN +) via our undergraduate Design Thinking Concentration for our students interested in interdisciplinary problem solving through exploratory design processes. These studios and curricula develop strong relationships between the School of Architecture and other schools across grounds: The School of Nursing, The Curry School of Education, Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, etc. Our (DESIGN +) projects also examine design through a full range of closely-related fields and scales: furniture and industrial design, fashion and graphic design, media and environmental design.


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