University of Virginia: School of Architecture


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Program & Location

Vicenza, Italy

During the month of June, students will be introduced to Italian culture through the study of architecture, landscape architecture, and city planning. Both the formal ideals as well as the constructed reality of these three subjects will be studied through critical observation and documentation of universal conditions and critical junctures. Exploratory field trips by rail and bus of the Venetan region will extend from Verona in the west to Treviso in the east and the Venetian lagoon north into the pre-Alps.

Length of Program: Summer, five weeks

Eligibility: Graduate & Undergraduate Students

Number of Credits: 6


Program & Location

Venice, Italy

The Venice Semester Abroad Program is an exciting new fall option for fourth year students in the Architecture Department, or for third or fourth year students in Architectural History and Planning, subject to advisor approval. The University of Virginia School of Architecture runs the program, and courses count directly for U.Va. credit. The program includes courses in architectural design, drawing, urban, art and architectural history, and Venetian building traditions. Housing will be in shared apartments, and courses will be taught by U.Va. faculty in collaboration with Venetian faculty. For more information, contact Cammy Brothers or Anselmo Canfora.


Faculty Contacts