University of Virginia: School of Architecture







Architecture provides a mode of critical inquiry of contemporary culture, grounded in history and extended through observation, analysis and design. As citizens working in the evolving and inherited ecologies of cities we are committed to providing leadership to the discipline and practice of architecture by engaging in innovative multi–disciplinary research, practice, and teaching integrating social, aesthetic and environmental processes. It is our goal to prepare the next generation of leaders to engage the complex design challenges of the future. Degree programs include a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree with both pre-professional and design thinking concentrations, as well as professional and post-professional Masters degrees.






Architectural History

Architectural historians at the University of Virginia explore the history of architecture, landscape, and urban form by analyzing the sources and forms of architectural expression while considering architecture a critical feature in a broader social and cultural context. With its roots in the study of American architectural history, the department’s areas of study also include Mediterranean, European, and Asian architecture, cities, and landscapes. Graduates of our program include college and university teachers, architects, preservationists, writers and museum professionals. Degree programs include a Bachelor of Architectural History, a Master of Architectural History, and a Ph.D. in Art and Architectural History offered jointly with the faculty of the Art History department in the College of Arts and Sciences.






Landscape Architecture

Our focus in Landscape Architecture is on urban space and dynamic forms. We engage critical issues in our teaching, research and practice that we believe should influence all landscapes, including attention to social justice and cultural meaning, the need to renew polluted landscapes and support biodiversity, and a demand for urban adaptations to global climate change. The cases we examine through design are both urban and international, bringing our students from New Orleans to New York and from the Bronx to Berlin. We invite people to join us for graduate study who aspire to be leaders in our discipline. Landscape Architecture offers a professional Masters degree.






Urban and Environmental Planning

Planning occurs in many forms: city planning, regional planning, environmental planning, community development planning, health planning or transportation planning. The link between each of these, and the trademark of our program, is an abiding concern for creating sustainable communities. Our faculty values environments where countrysides are productive and appropriately protected, where cities have vital centers and efficient means of movement, and where neighborhoods offer opportunities for all to live affordably and safely. We strive to inspire our students to have the same enthusiasm the faculty feel for addressing the planning needs of sustainable communities. Degree programs include a Bachelor's and a Master's of Urban and Environmental Planning degree.