University of Virginia: School of Architecture

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate students in the School of Architecture can pursue the following degree programs:

All UVa undergraduate students can pursue one of 6 School of Architecture undergraduate minors.

Students interested in becoming a licensed architect are encouraged to read becoming an architect to learn more about education and internship requirements.

More information on our students and student work can be found in the Profiles and Projects sections. See also Frequently Asked Questions About Undergraduate Admissions.

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Admissions Process

First-Year Admissions

The undergraduate admissions process is administered by the University of Virginia Office of Undergraduate Admission. For specific details, please visit their website.

Transferring to the School of Architecture 

Transfer applicants are classified into two groups, internal and external. 

Internal applicants are students who are currently enrolled in another department within the School of Architecture or students who are currently enrolled in another school or college within the University of Virginia-Charlottesville. 

External applicants are students who are currently enrolled in another university or college outside of the University of Virginia-Charlottesville. 

Internal Transfers

Current UVa students applying to the School of Architecture will need to submit the following application materials to the School of Architecture Admissions and Financial Aid Office (Campbell Hall Room 225): 

  1. Transfer Application
  2. Letter of intent describing your motivations for transferring.  For those transferring into the first year as undeclared, the letter should clearly state your major of interest. (Architectural History, Architecture or  Urban and Environmental Planning)
  3. Certified copy of your transcript, which can be obtained from the University Registrar’s Office.
  4. Two letters of recommendations will be accepted.  One is recommended from a School of Architecture faculty member, in the program into which the student is seeking to transfer.  The second letter of recommendation can be from a teaching assistant from the School of Architecture or a UVa faculty member outside the School of Architecture. Note: transfer applicants to Urban and Environmental Planning are not required to submit letters of recommendation.
  5. A portfolio of sample work may be required as follows (click here for upload link): 
  • Undeclared 1st year: For those whose letter of intent expresses an interest in the Architecture major, submit a digital portfolio of no more than 10 pages of graphic work (PDF; 15MB limit).
  • Architecture 2nd year: Submit a digital portfolio of no more than 10 pages of graphic work (PDF; 15MB limit).
  • Architectural History 2nd year: A portfolio is not required.
  • Urban and Environmental Planning 2nd year: A portfolio is not required.

It is highly recommended that at least one course be completed in the desired program before filing an application to transfer to that program.

Application Deadlines

Applications are due to the Admissions and Financial Aid Office (Campbell Hall Room 225) by the date listed below:

  • December 2, 2013, 5pm: Applications for Spring admission for first year students applying as undeclared due; applications for second-year students to Architectural History and Urban & Environmental Planning due. 
  • April 7, 2014, 5pm: Application for Fall admission to Architectural History, Architecture and Urban & Environmental Planning due.

Applicants applying for spring admission will be notified of our admission decision by early January.  Applicants applying for fall admission will be notified by mid-May.

School of Architecture Contacts

Students interested in transferring may contact the appropriate department contact for advice or questions.

Department Contacts [for questions only]
  • Richard Wilson, Chair, Department of Architectural History 
  • Esther Lorenz, Director of Undergraduate Architecture Studies
  • Daphne Spain, Director of Undergraduate Urban and Environmental Planning Studies
School Contact [for procedural questions only]

Holly Richters
Admissions and Financial Aid Coordinator

Recommended Courses

To prepare for transfer, we recommend students take UVa courses that are in alignment with our curricula in the program you would be entering. Our curricula can be found in the Undergraduate Record. Below are suggested courses by major.

First Years

ENWR 1510: Accelerated Academic Writing

Math/Natural Science Elective Credits: MATH 1210 or higher is recommended

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

In addition to these foundational courses in the first year, potential transfer students are encouraged to complete other undergraduate degree requirements based on their intended major:

Architectural History:

Students interested in Architectural History are especially encouraged to complete the two-semester introductory sequence (ARH 1010 and ARH 1020).  Foreign language study is also highly recommended, as are other available 2000- and 3000-level courses in the Architectural History department.  Coursework in related humanities and social science disciplines would also provide useful background.


Courses are open to students outside the School of Architecture by contacting the faculty directly based on content and space in the classroom.  Students interested in transferring or architecture minors are given priority to enroll in the open positions.  Recommended courses include; ARCH 3230, ARCH 2710, and ARH 3607, ARCH 3120, ARCH 3260, LAR 4140 and many 5000 level electives (including courses under ARCH, LAR, PLAN, PLAC, ARH, and SARC).   

Urban and Environmental Planning:

It is strongly recommended that students considering transferring into the Planning program review the required courses for the Planning major at the minimum and enroll in PLAN 1010: Introduction to Community and Environmental Planning. Ideally prospective transfer students would have taken two or more courses in the program.

External Transfers

Application Process

The University of Virginia Office of Undergraduate Admission administers the undergraduate admissions process.  For specific information on the transfer admissions process please visit here.  

The number of applicants to be offered acceptances from each pool fluctuates each year depending on the academic strength of the applicant pool, available space within the school, and University guidelines on growth. Once accepted by the University Office of Admission, you will receive from the Architecture School an advising form completed by the departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies. This form will show the UVa equivalent of all the courses we have accepted for transfer based on the transcripts supplied with the application. 

Transfer Credit

Credit for courses fulfilling general requirements taken outside of this University is routinely given if they are determined to be equivalent to courses offered at U.Va. There are core or specific courses geared directly for our curriculum for which there are no equivalents and therefore these courses must be taken at U.Va. In some circumstances, courses from other schools of architecture may be determined to satisfy our curricular requirements. Department of Architecture degree students will not receive credit for drafting or computer drafting courses previously taken.  

You can view our curriculum in the University of Virginia Undergraduate Record.

Contact information for External Transfer Applicants

U.Va. Office of Undergraduate Admission 

Department Contacts [for non procedural questions only]
  • Richard Wilson, Chair, Department of Architectural History 
  • Esther Lorenz, Director of Undergraduate Architecture Studies
  • Daphne Spain, Director of Undergraduate Urban and Environmental Planning Studies

Financial Aid, Tuition and Fees

All undergraduate students can participate in AccessUVa, U.Va.’s financial aid program.  For more information about financial aid and cost of attendance, please visit the Student Financial Services website.  Most scholarships available to School of Architecture students are awarded through AccessUVa.

Student Financial Services provides a Cost of Attendance estimate online, which includes an estimate of the cost for one-year at U.Va. including tuition, fees, room, board, personal expenses, and travel.  You can also view the tuition and fees schedule online. 

All students in the School of Architecture are required to provide their own personal laptop computer. See Computer Requirements for Students.